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Sheet Rolling Machines

Akyapak manufactures 3 roller Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines with the capacity of bending from 2 mm up to 140 mm for thickness and from 1000 mm to 6000 mm for width.


Some features of Akyapak’ s 3 roller Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines are :

  • All Rolls are hydraulically driven.

  • Up & Down movements of the side rolls are hydraulically powered.

  • Drop-end ( cover ) controlling system to open and close from control panel.

  • Top roll tilts up

  • Rolls are driven by 3 separate hydraulic motors and gearbox ( up to 230 mm diameter

The frames of the machines are welded steel construction. The roll shafts, bearings used in production are good ( European ) quality. Also the torque limits of the machines are very high.

Spherical bearings are used for the rolls to minimize frictional resistance, which improves the capacity of the machines.

Akyapak machines are designed with 3D CAD programs and all calculations are carefully checked with analyzing programs by experienced high skilled engineers before productions are started. All necessary electrical and hydraulic safety precautions are taken by Akyapak technical staff. The specifications of Akyapak Machines are harmonious to CE norms.